It is with great sadness that the stable announces the passing of the stable’s champion, Harry’s Son, on Friday 6th January, 2017.

Harry’s Son experienced unfortunate luck in the running of only his second European race in the Prix Luthier at Deauville on the 17th December, an intended prep run for his return to this year’s Dubai Carnival season. After settling in fourth position from a good break, as the field entered the first turn two furlongs into the race, Harry’s Son was severely cut into from behind, completely severing his superficial tendon and damaging the major flexor tendon and tendon sheath of his right hind leg.

Harry was bandaged on course and sent to the best clinic available, the Grosbois Veterinary Clinic south of Paris. On arrival and after consultation with the attending vet, blood tests were run to establish his suitability for immediate surgery under anaesthesia to re-attach the tendon. As a severe tendon injury, there is not much of a window before the tendon begins to contract so time is always of the essence in such situations. Fortunately, the blood parameters were normal and he underwent successful surgery that night to re-attach his tendon and, of course, to hopefully save his life.

Post surgery, Harry’s wounds had been recovering well and without infection, always a major concern with severe trauma injuries such as his. On Friday 6th January, the clinic decided it was time to change the cast and remove the sutures from his injured tendon, a somewhat delicate procedure on a hind leg and requiring a short operation under anaesthesia. The wound was found to be healing well and the new cast was put in place. However without warning, Harry suffered a cardiac arrest while still under anaesthesia. All efforts to resuscitate him tragically failed.

Special thanks go out to Roy Waugh who has spent the past 17 months at Harry’s side, from his initial three months of quarantine in Mauritius, two months preparing him in England for the 2016 Dubai Carnival, three months in Dubai for the Carnival, a further five months in Spain and finally the last four months at Chantilly in France and all this time away from his two sons, Brandon & Cian and his friends back in South Africa. Thank you Roy for your dedication

Roy Waugh … “Harry’s Son was one of those great rarities in racing. From the outset, he had an air of nobility and a wisdom beyond his years. He was always easy to train. It was one of life’s great pleasures to be associated with this remarkable character, and an honour to have been by his side over his racing career. Unfortunately, fate has intervened to deprive South African breeding of an opportunity to share in his unique genes. It is a great loss. And for the stable, Harry is our great personal loss. We will sorely miss you, our dear Harry….”